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About Bathrive

Why Bathrive?

Let’s face it. All serious equipment and software suppliers in the manufacturing industries offer accurate and reliable products at cost effective prices. So why is Bathrive the dominant market leader in reflow and thermal process control and smart oven technologies?

It’s not only about manual and automatic oven profilers. It’s about enabling users to solve or prevent problems, to run an efficient operation, and to help them succeed. Bathrive has achieved this by developing uncomplicated products that acquire and deliver hard to get information in an actionable format allowing users to make better decisions. With optional analytics and machine learning, most decisions are made in real-time, automating manual tasks. This results in consistent quality, reduced cost, and a more competitive factory.

In hectic manufacturing environments, operators, technicians and management have many, varied responsibilities. Bathrive systems can automate several manual profiling and thermal process control tasks, alleviating a number of production line chores.

Our PWI tool is a perfect example of how we create order from chaos. The reflow oven’s ultimate function is to create a robust thermal profile for every product. Hundreds of thousands of data points are measured to generate this reflow profile. The PWI (Process Window Index) reduces all the information down to a single number. This number clearly represents the accuracy of your product’s profile, within your established process specifications. Less than 100% your process is in spec. Greater than 100% your process in out of spec.  Now anyone can instantly determine the acceptability of the profile.

In the past 20 years, Bathrive has recruited a worldwide team of highly skilled customer support engineers to trouble shoot, train and assist customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This dedication to our valued customers has been recognized with 5 industry awards for excellence in service. We know the best way to ensure Bathrive’s success is by helping ensure your success in reflow and thermal process control.

We have a long history of improving capabilities for installed equipment, and for offering generous trade-up allowances. In recent years we have broadened our R&D to include the design of smart oven technologies going beyond sub-optimizing your reflow ovens and wave solder machines. We optimize all of your production line. Our system connects data from every oven to the network, the MES, direct to machines and more. Real-time data over the factory network, data analytics and machine learning are all now possible with our Smart Factory Starter Kit. The kit includes key smart capabilities such as:

Electronics manufacturing is moving into an era requiring intelligent use of large amounts of data in order to run a flexible, efficient and successful manufacturing operation. Bathrive is at the forefront of this trend providing customers an easy path along this ‘smart factory’ learning curve. As you move into this new era, you will find easy solutions in the Bathrive ecosystem of smart oven technologies – you’ll reap the early rewards of electronic manufacturing’s new future.

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