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Bathrive-TMS Online furnace temperature monitoring system

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Bathrive-TMS Online furnace temperature monitoring system

I.Background Explanation

       The traditional method of measuring furnace temperature relies entirely on

 manual timing or random measurement, which poses a serious vacuum in quali

ty supervision, resulting in continuous consumption of a large amount of materi

al costs such as human resources, temperature measurement lines, and tempera

ture plates. Additionally, it cannot effectively supervise the quality of equipment

 and products



       In the era of Industry 4.0 and AI artificial intelligence, traditional furnace co

ntrol methods are no longer sufficient to meet the demand. We must be more 

efficient, cost-effective, with less human participation, and in a more intelligent 

way to achieve effective supervision of various performance indicators of furna



Reasons for choosing Bathrive

The Bathrive online real-time monitoring system will fully assist Industry 4.0, and

 the tedious and inefficient manual supervision of equipment and product quali

 ty will become a thing of the past

  1. Continuous temperature monitoring, chain speed monitoring, PWI, CPK, SPC 

      monitoring, and CPK warning settings are available 24 hours a day, 365 days 

      a day. A corresponding profile temperature curve is issued for each product, 

      and traceability is achieved through barcode recognition binding. Any indica

      tor that exceeds the control line will respond quickly

  2. Install a speed sensor for each hot air motor to monitor the speed of each h

     ot airmotor in real-time according to the user set interval value. Any abnorm

     al motor speed will be collected and alarmed by the system

 3: Install an energy collection module for each furnace to monitor the power su

     pply voltage and energy consumption in real-time, and upload it to the syste

     m to generate energy consumption curves, providing users with effective co

     st accounting and furnace performance evaluation basis

 4: The oxygen content real-time monitoring module can be installed in the desi

    gnated temperature zone, and the data can be uploaded to the monitoring sy

     stem in real time to automatically generate an oxygen content change curve

II.BathriveIntroduction to online monitoring

1:TMS online monitoring host diagram, each TMS online monitoring host is em

     bedded with 2 dual core high-speed ARM processors, which can achieve up to

     16 temperature data collection times per second, and dual track 16 temperatu

      re zone temperature data monitoring



2:The TMS host uses an independent continuous speed sensor to collect the 

     continuous speed of each track in real-time and generate a chain speed ch

     ange curve



3:Adopting an industrial grade barcode recognition module to achieve product

     ID and profile binding, curve traceability, both QR codes and barcodes can be

     recognized, and the standard QR code recognition module has a QR code rec

     ognition ability of 4 * 4mm



4:Install one temperature acquisition probe tube for each track, and thermocoupl

     es will be distributed inside the probe tube at corresponding positions in the te

     mperature zone. At least two temperature probes will be distributed in each te

     mperature zone



5:Each monitoring system will be equipped with an independent sound and lig

     ht alarm, and the alarm status can be configured at will


 Three color sound and light alarm                                Alarm configuration interface

6:Install a speed sensor for each hot air motor to monitor its status in real-tim

     e and generate a graph of the motor speed change status. Once the motor 

     speed exceeds the user set interval value, the system will respond promptly 

     and notify on-site engineering personnel of an alarm to avoid serious equip

     ment damage or product defects



7:Regardless of the system alarm caused by any reason, it can be manually set 

     to prohibit the entry of plates into the furnace, and the signal to terminate th

     e entry of plates can be transmitted to upstream equipment through the SM

     EMA port of the TMS host



III.Introduction to Software Functions 


  Furnace temperature deviation and chain speed                        SPC statistics


Temperature monitoring in temperature zone                  Generate statistical Run chart


              Curve and View                                    Temperature state of temperature zone   


        Centralized operation and maintenance management on the server side


                                Hot air motor speed monitoring window


         Online furnace temperature monitoring nine grid display window


 IV.Main technical specifications

product name


TMS-D(double track)

temperature resolution




Temperature measurement range




Temperature measurement accuracy




Thermocouple type






Number of thermocouples




Equipment supply voltage




Maximum sampling speed






Instrument power consumption




Instrument dimensions




Alarm method


3-color tower light+buzzer


3-color tower light+buzzer

V. Hardware List

Product Name






Bathrive-TMS host


Temperature probe


double track4

USB communication cable


operating manual


Instrument inspection report

1 sheet

Software disc


photoelectric sensor


double track4



double track2

3-color signal tower light


Probe tube fixing bracket


double track8

Probe tube support bracket


double track8

Barcode scanning module


This item is optional

Connecting signal cables


24V power supply


VI.Major function

● Supports automatic curve simulation and manual curve simulation, effectively

    reducing furnace adjustment time

● Automatically test, analyze and save the temperature curve of each PCBA

● Automatic alarm for exceeding the standard and stopping the version, histori

   cal alarm can be queried

● The temperature curve of each PCBA is connected to its barcode for 


●Can generate log information, including SPC, CPK, yield, temperature range, c

   hain speed, and other statistical information

● Monitoring triggering methods: sensor triggering, barcode triggering, and ti

   med triggering

● Real time monitoring of temperature fluctuations and alarms in each furnace


●Statistical analysis of SPC for stability in various temperature zones

●Traceability evidence of quality issues in PCBA incoming interval

●Intelligent automatic control of SME-PCBA board entry interval

●Exit blockage alarm

● Real time monitoring of furnace power, generation of power change curve, 

   and statistics of interval power consumption to assist in production cost 


● Real time monitoring of furnace power, generation of power change curve, and

   statistics of interval power consumption to assist in production cost accounting

●Temperature zone motor status monitoring, abnormal speed alarm

●Server and MES system data sharing

VII.Cooperative clients









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