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Bathrive GX61 Wireless furnace temperature tester

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        Bathrive GX61  Wireless furnace temperature tester

1:Product Features:

1:Bathrive ® The GX61 instrument is particularly suitable for scenarios that requ

ire wireless real-time data transmission and belongs to the Bathrive category ® Th

e 6th generation product of the brand achieves real-time wireless transmission of

 data while meeting low power consumption requirements, making it a reality  to

 obtain temperature data in real time. The wireless data transmission distance exc

eeds 2KM (accessible), and to cope with different reference scenarios, the GX seri

es product models are numerous, with limited space to list one by one. For more 

detailed product information, please contact your local supplier or log in to the o

fficial websitewww.bathrive.com



2:Adopting aerospace grade ultra-low power 32-bit MCU, the instrument can p

rovide over 20 hours of ultra long battery life with only 1000Ma battery when wir

eless transmission is enabled, and the maximum number of S data storage can re

ach 2048 sets (supporting power down storage)


3:Modular software design, independent process library, product library, and fur

nace library, greatly facilitating the systematic management of temperature curv

e files by users. One click automatic curve optimization function, millions of tem

perature curve data models, and three optimization modes can quickly recomm

end the best furnace setting parameters to users, greatly reducing the time for 

adjusting and drying the furnace





2:Typical application areas of the product:

  1:Electronic manufacturing, semiconductors, photovoltaics, spraying, brazing, 

new energy,metallurgy, adhesive curing (vertical furnace), food baking, etc




Electronic manufacturing








new energy




Food baking

3:Main functions of the product:

1: Ultra small size with built-in 32-bit ultra powerful computing power and high

   -speed processing chip, making temperature measurement convenient and de

    signed for a lifespan of over 10 years

2: High measurement accuracy of+/-0.5 ℃, fast speed, up to 0.01 seconds per ti

    me, effortlessly meeting various temperature measurement challenges

3: Data transmission method, integrating high-speed USB data transmission and

   charging, can fully charge the battery while transmitting data, without the need 

   for additional charging

4: 3 trigger start methods and 4 trigger stop methods can be optimized and mat

    ched at will, achieving intelligent start stop without manual intervention

5: Built in 1000MA high-temperature resistant polymer rechargeable battery for p

    ower supply. When wireless transmission is turned on, a single charge can work

    continuously for 20-25 hours (depending on sampling frequency and number of

    channels). When wireless transmission is turned off, a single charge can work co

    ntinuously for more than 50 hours

6: Up to 100 sets of curve overlap analysis, supporting the export of temperature, f

    urnace, process and other data, as well as the import and export of furnace temp

    erature data

7: Up to 2048 sets of temperature curve data can be saved

8: Complete firmware information prompt, allowing users to view instrument usage

    records, status, and hardware configuration information at any time

9: Intelligent PWI index analysis, floating PWI, CPK indicator can visually display cur

    ve analysis results, issue CPK and SPC quality analysis reports for curves

10: Manual and automatic curve optimization functions effectively shorten the adju

    stment of oven drying time. The nearly one million temperature curve data model 

     can provide users with the optimal recommended values for furnace temperature 

     and chain speed. With this function, beginners can easily and quickly complete fu

     rnace temperature settings

11: The instrument time can be set or calibrated to synchronize with the computer

12: Powerful curve editing skills, including curve clipping, curve alignment, curve mov

     ement, and many other curve editing methods, make curve editing arbitrary

13: Display of curve tolerance zones, making the reasonable range of curve changes cl

     ear at a glance

14: Highlight the analysis section, highlighting the curve sections corresponding to all 

      analysis data items, and simply and directly seeing the one-to-one correspondence

      between the analysis data and each section of the curve without the need for other 

      auxiliary means

15: Can perform segmented truncation analysis on curves and provide analysis data for

      each segment

16: Provide local MES data interface for convenient sharing of curve data with customer

      MES systems

17: Support data batch download, single download, batch deletion, single deletion

18: Multi-level operation permission management

19: Bride's unique thermocouple status indicator eliminates the need to connect to a co

     mputer, making the on-off status of the thermocouple clear at a glance

4:Instrument technical specifications:

Instrument model: Bathrive_ GX61

Number of channels: 6

Instrument size: 153 * 50 * 20 (mm)

Measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃

Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃

Sampling speed: 100 times/second~1 hour/time

Storage space: 2GB

Number of storage groups: 2048 (8-2048 supports user settings)

Battery capacity: 1000MA explosion-proof and high-temperature resistant battery

Instrument startup method: temperature, time, button

Instrument stop mode: temperature, time, button, communication

Instrument working temperature: -40~85 ℃

Instrument temperature measurement range: -200~1370 ℃

Thermocouple type: K-type

Communication port: USB

Software language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English

Software platform: WIN-XP, 7,10,11 (32 or 64 bit systems)

5:Wireless receiver

   Adopting a 32-bit high-speed processor and high-performance IoT module to 

achieve remote data transmission, with a transmission distance exceeding 2km


6:Hot box

     Adopting aviation level heat isolation technology, the insulation time is maxi

mized under certain temperature and space conditions, and different specificati

ons of insulation boxes are equipped according to different usage scenarios


Size specification:228 * 75 * 35 (mm)

Heat resistance time:     150 ℃,      200 ℃,       250 ℃,     300 ℃



7:Thermocouple assembly

     Corresponding thermocouple components can be equipped according to diff

erent usage scenarios



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