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Bathrive TB7028 Insulation Box

2022-09-12  + 

Product Name:Insulation Box                                          Product model:TB7028           

Applicable to product brand: American Bathrive                  Suitable for product model: FBT60                                 

Product type: Metal insulation box                     Product size: 28*70*235 (H*W*L)                     Weight: 0.56kg

Product function:

       mainly used in SMT reflow soldering temperature measurement, also can be used in other high temperature industry.

Maximum heat resistance at specified temperature, expressed in minutes:






Duration (minutes)

28 minutes

17 minutes

13 minutes

11 minutes

Product features:

      1. durable, no deformation;

      2. high temperature resistance, with the use of furnace temperature tester, can extend the service life of the instrument;

      3. customers can be customized according to their own furnace temperature tester size 

Product Photo:

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