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Bathrive V6 Furnace Temperature Tester

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Product model: V6                       Number of channels: 6 channels

Product brand: Bathrive               Chinese name: Brad

Product use: professional test SMT wave soldering. Reflow soldering temperature and

                      drawing temperature curve, furnace temperature analysis and output ana

                      lysis report, providing an effective basis for furnace parameter setting and

                      product quality control.

Product Features:

  1. Small and powerful, designed for more than 10 years of service life
  2. With high measurement accuracy of +/-0.5°C and fast speed, up to 0.1 secon

    ds/time, it can easily meet the challenges of any field of temperature measurement

  3. High-speed USB interface communication and charging are integrated, elimi

    nating the need for additional charging forever

  4. The 3 trigger start/stop methods can be optimized at will to achieve intellige

    nt start and stop without manual intervention

  5. 1000MA polymer rechargeable battery powered
  6. Compare and analyze up to 100 sets of curve overlaps
  7. Complete firmware information prompts, users can view the use records and

    hardware configuration information of the instrument at any time

  8. Intelligent PWI index analysis, with a single index to visually understand whe

    ther curve analysis results are qualified or not

  9. The instrument time can be set or calibrated to synchronize with a computer

    or set to a specified time

  10. Powerful curve editing features to modify, move, align, cut, and more
  11. Curve tolerance band display and discrimination
  12. Highlight analysis segments to visually map analysis data to curved segments
  13. Export, import, and modify curve data
  14. Independent process analysis can be used for each thermocouple or the same

    process analysis can be used for all thermocouples

  15. Temperature cursor custom analysis, horizontal temperature line, vertical time l

     ine, and intercept temperature data analysis for any time period

Product Specifications:


Instrument model



Instrument size

20*53*100 mm(H*W*L)


Measurement accuracy



Temperature resolution



Sampling frequency

0.1 seconds/time ~ once per hour


Storage space



Number of channels



Number of storage groups



Battery capacity



Startup mode

Key trigger, temperature trigger, delay trigger


Stop mode

Key trigger, temperature trigger, delay trigger


Instrument operating temperature



Temperature measurement range



Thermocouple type

Type K

Software function introduction:


1: Reflow curve analysis chart, you can set the name, color, thickness of each cur

    ve at will, adjust the order of the data analysis list at will, and close or open ea

   ch data analysis project at will by dragging the mouse, without re-entering the

    process data.


2: Intuitive curve tolerance band comparison display, tolerance band tolerance 

    range can be set, out-of-tolerance band curve will automatically turn red, hi

    ghlight the analysis section, the curve section corresponding to the analysis

    item is bolded and highlighted, so that the data analysis becomes more intu

    itive, real-time information is convenient to view the temperature and time 

    information of the curve at any time.


3: Wave soldering curve analysis diagram: can automatically calculate the peak, 

    contact time, parallelism, chain speed, tin furnace temperature, addable inte

    rval analysis, etc.


4 : 3D Graph : The 3D graph can be rotated so that you can visually see the det

     ails of the temperature curve changes.


5: Curve browsing, including historical curves that have been downloaded to 

    the PC end. If the instrument is connected to the computer, it can also view 

    the temperature curves that have been tested inside the instrument. The in

    strument itself can save up to 16 production line data, with each data lastin

    g up to 15 minutes. The historical curve name, download time, testing time, 

    etc. can be modified, and deletion, batch deletion, copying, curve overlap a

    nalysis, importing data, etc. can also be completed.


6. Process editing interface: you can specify an independent process for each c

   urve, you can also let all thermocouples use the same process, which is espe

    cially important when the volume of components is different, the analysis ite

    ms that can be added include: the highest slope between temperatures, the 

    highest slope of temperature rise, the highest slope of temperature drop, pr

    eheating, constant temperature, above time, reflow, maximum temperature,

     cooling time, average cooling slope, etc., and each analysis option can be ad

    ded countless times, for example: you can add constant temperature 1, const

    ant temperature 2, constant temperature 3... The title of the analysis option c

    an also be renamed according to your needs.


7: Rich curve analysis methods: including adding temperature annotation, time

    annotation, any temperature point time annotation, slope annotation, interv

    al analysis, adding horizontal temperature lines, adding vertical time axis, cur

    ve alignment, curve movement, curve shearing, curve trimming, temperature

    zone line display and adjustment, showing/hiding analysis lines, curve zoomi

    ng and moving, channel curve display/closing and color line width adjustment, 

    pie chart can more intuitively display the status of data analysis results, You can

    also add or delete pie chart list analysis items.


8: Perfect curve analysis report: including temperature curve, analysis line, temp

    erature zone information, product name, furnace name, temperature zone te

    mperature, chain speed, process name and detailed information list, test plate

    name, test board use times, instrument number, sampling frequency, solder pa

    ste information, product pictures, operation and confirmation project signature, 

    add remarks, etc. Both row width and column height can be adjusted and auto

    matically adapted, ensuring that a single page of A4 paper can be displayed to 

    the maximum extent of the analysis report, thus avoiding paper waste.


9:Hot box
     Adopting aviation level heat isolation technology, the insulation time is maxim

ized under certain temperature and space conditions, and different specifications of

 insulation boxes are equipped according to different usage scenarios
model:TB1608             Size specification: 164 * 82* 36 (mm)
Heat resistance time:        150 ℃             200 ℃            250 ℃            300 ℃
                                        26minutes       17minutes      11minutes       8minutes



10:Thermocouple assembly
        Corresponding thermocouple components can be equipped according to differ

ent usage scenarios



Product standard parts:


V6 thermometer host

1 unit


High temperature heat insulation box

1 unit


Thermocouple assembly

6 sets


High-temperature gloves

1 pair


High temperature tape

1 volume


Software CD

1 sheet


USB data download cable

1 article


Software operation manual

1 copy


Factory inspection report

1 serving


Industrial scissors

1 handful

            The full range of Bathrive brand products provide 2 years or 24 months free

 maintenance service, free software upgrade for life, Bathrive Software or hardware

 upgrades or improvements to the full range of products will not be notified separa

tely, for more detailed product information, please check the Bathrive brand official

 website www.bathrive.com,/ Or /Email:bathrive@163.com

24-hour service hotline: 400-889-3896

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